With the increased use of salt on our roads during the winter months we have seen corrosion developing on vehicles as little as four years old. This can not only lead to expensive body work repairs down the road, but can also lead to increased mechanical repair costs due to dangerously corroded brake lines or increased labour required to remove nuts and bolts that have seized.

Waxoyl can treat and prevent corrosion to your vehicle,but also has other benefits such as, keeping mechanical joints and mechanisms working and repelling moisture from electrical systems. Upon receiving your vehicle,we raise it up on one of our hoists to inspect and clean the underside. Any surface rust is cleaned from the vehicle and then the entire underside is sprayed at high pressure with Waxoyl.

This product has been in use for decades and has a proven track record in minimising the onset of corrosion. It soaks right into any existing rust, expelling moisture and then sets into a thick wax helping to protect from further damage. It also has the benefit of staying slightly viscous, so that if part of it is removed by say, scraping the underside on a fallen branch or gate  spigot, the surrounding wax simply creeps in and reseals the area.


Prices start from as little as €99 inclusive of V.A.T.